Deep curly 12”

Deep curly 12”

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This unit is customized. Knots are bleached . Naturally plucked hair line. Hand made lace tint unit. 


Treu’ custom wig can be worn wet or dry.

A spray bottle with only water or a tad bit of deep conditioner moisturizer in a spray bottle of water. Shake well & spray lightly to saturation. If you want the hair tamed feel free to add more conditioner.

Use a wig brush or a conditioner comb and comb through the hair. Style to your preference, shake and go.

When washing the wig use wig brush or conditioner comb add product (shampoo/moisturizer conditioner)

Stroke your fingers through the hair same direction from the weft to the end. Wash the product out and repeat till complete warm water or hot to remove product residue.

         Hang dry.